Native American Teachings

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Native American Concerts and Music Performances

Music and dance has always played an important role in the Native American culture and in fact, amongst all indigenous people of the world. 
Each instrument resonates with certain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a human being, and brings forward a state of harmony and balance. Music has been extensively used for healing, connectedness, courting and community.
The best known Native American music and dance performance is the Pow Wow, which is more than just a spectator event: it is a joyous reunion for native peoples nationwide and an opportunity for the non-Indian community to voyage into the philosophy and beauty of Native culture. Traditionally a gathering and sharing of events, Pow-Wows have come to include spectacular dance competitions, exhibitions, and enjoyment of traditional foods.
Participants are elaborately dressed and most dances are performed in the traditional Circle, which represents a unity of peoples. There is a wealth of cultural information encoded in the movements of each dance.
Today, a number of musicians incorporate traditional Native American Flute and Hoop Drum into more contemporary music styles, combining traditional with modern day tunes.
Music and entertainment are a way to teach about different cultures and enlarging ones' perspective, particularly in light of what's going on in the world today. Indigenous music, song, dance and stories will connect people to their hearts and each other.


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