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Native American Flute Playing Workshop

21 September 2010

The Native American flute has been reported to be the third oldest known musical instrument in the world. Native Flutes have been used for different dances and spirit calling ceremonies, powerful prayer ceremonies, courting and love songs.

There are many stories as to the true origin of the native flute. This story was told by a Lakota Elder, Mr. Phil Lane (Phillip Brown Bear) just months before he passed on to the spirit world:

Legend of the first flute
The Legend of the Native American FluteA very long time ago there was a young man who was very interested in a beautiful young girl. He was always trying to get her attention, but she never seemed to notice him. Whenever she was present he would ride his horse proudly, but nothing he did seemed to attract her. One day when the girls were down by the river getting water, the young man went down to the river and began diving off rocks and swimming across the river, to show her how skilled he was, but again she paid him no mind. Dejected, the young man walked into the nearby old growth forest and sat down at the base of a long dead cedar tree. As he sat there thinking about this girl, a woodpecker landed on a hollowed limb that was over his head, the limb had been hollowed over time from the wind and weather. The woodpecker began to peck holes....tap, tap, tap......... along the length of this hollowed limb........ tap. tap, the woodpecker pecked, the limb broke off and fell next to the young man, and as the wind blew over this hollow limb with the holes in it, he heard musical voices coming from it. He picked it up and found that when he blew into this limb and covered the holes, he could make beautiful, mournful music to match the feelings in his heart. He sat there for a time making up haunting melodies. The young girl heard this music coming from the old growth forest, and it was such a soulful sound that it captured her heart. She followed the sound of music into the woods, where she saw him sitting there at the base of this cedar tree playing this first flute that was given to him by the Woodpecker, and as she listened she fell in love with his music and fell in love with him. They went off hand in hand to live happily ever after. One of the more popular uses for the Native Flute was for courting, to attract a mate. The legend also says that once you got a mate, you were to put the flute away and never play it again, because if you played it again, you might attract someone else?


Native American FluteYou Can Do It and Love It!

In an all materials supplied full day workshop, Bobby Runningfox will share the art of playing your own sacred Native American Flute, which has been used by American Indians and other cultures around the world for centuries.

Bobby begins with drumming and chanting, rituals to release all fears and limitations, the blessing of your flute ceremony and receiving your flute, lessons to create powerful music, you don’t have to be musical to play anyone can do it so don’t be discouraged.

As this is a hands-on workshop,  numbers are strictly kept to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure individual attention. To secure your space, book below or call Eyesberg Enterprises on 0416 586 816.
Investment: $350.00   SOLD


Date and Location:

Sunshine Coast
21 September 2010
9.00am to 4.00pm

Glass House Mountains Eco Lodge
198 Barrs Road
Glass House Mountains QLD 4518

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Bobby Runningfox

Bobby Runningfox
Cherokee Bobby Runningfox is an accomplished musician, playing Native American drums, flute, guitar and singing to his own music compositions.
Bobby Runningfox & Walter Smith
Bobby Runningfox and Walter Smith (Walks on Wind)